Chatty Mini Reviews // Video Post + Update

I completely forgot to take a thumbnail for this so that’ll come at a later date.

I had some fun recording this one, even if I got somewhat winded near the end of it, and I think by just chatting about some of the books I read and decluttering my head a little via rambling (which was cut, because I had over an hour of footage … no one needs that), I managed to bring back some motivation to work on blog posts.

We’ll see how long that ends up lasting, because the slump is so real right now, but I will probably do more “chatty/rambling” type videos, but mostly about books, if I fall back into the slump of creativity.

I say as I’m typing this out at one in the morning. Motivation comes when it comes, okay!

Speaking of, I’ll update my trials tomorrow, since I did mention it in the video but I need to write out how I’ve been going about it.

Aaaand I have visited MAC for the first time (kind of, I’ve gotten samples from there before while trying to find a foundation that won’t oxidize to straight-up orange on my skin…) and purchase a couple things, so I’d like to do a mini-review-type thing for that, also. I’m not just about books, you know!

(Okay, I’m almost only just about books. It’s who I am. If I were rich, I’d waste all my money on books.)

I don’t even know where this post is going, honestly. Random updates and a lack of good formatting. Sorry! Hopefully the swing will come back soon and I won’t be such a hot mess.

Expect a few things this week, though! And thanks for reading, if you made it this far. 😉



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