New Bookish Instagram!

Yes, you read that right. Me, the one who’s still pretty inept when it comes to wielding a camera, has decided to make a second Instagram and attempt at books. Again.

I’m trying, okay? Insert meme here.

I’m actually really excited about it. I’ve only started with a couple old bookish photos that have been re-edited (I’m still learning about that part, too), but I have a lot of things planned for it. As soon as it stops storming 24/7 here in SW Florida and I get some decent light.

Welcome, Noxwaren!

(geddit? not from harry potter and warren like greywaren, trc?)

So, yeah, this is a thing now. @galaxylocks (my previous insta) will continue to be used, but it’s my cosplay insta now, since I really didn’t like mixing them.

Im also trying to re-follow all the bookish instas that I was following from galaxylocks, but I was following a ton, so it’s been a process. Leave your username if you’d like me to follow you, because I totally will.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!



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