True Blood: Ep. 1 || Liveblog + Review

This will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Reminder that True Blood is a TV-MA show, so commentary will follow as such.

Yeah, I know this show is ancient, but it took me a while to get through the books and I wanted to finish the series before I started the show, so here we are.

Much like my 13 Reasons Why liveblog (which I never finished, sorry about that!), this is just going to be a line of blog posts where I blog my feelings about the episode as I watch it, then wrap up the episode in a mini review at the end. It’ll be interesting, because I’m not sure I’ll remember a whole lot about the first few books, because it’s been a long time since I read them.

Also, I’ve heard literally nothing about this show. At all. Somehow, I managed to completely miss all hype and buzz about it wholly and that means I’m jumping into this blind. All I know are the books.


  • The only thing I ever watch by HBO is Game of Thrones, so when their theme song didn’t immediately follow the HBO opening I was caught off guard for a second there
  • Is. Is that Mila Kunis?
  • No never mind, totally not.
  • Girl don’t do that while you’re driving. That’s bad driving safety.
  • Jesus.
  • Did she just claim vampires have never owned slaves? Uhhhh.
  • Not … sure about that intro.
  • Oh, is that supposed to be Sookie?
  • I pictured her more voluptuous, less skinny. She mentions like at least five times per book that she’s not on the skinny side of things.
  • Was that Sam???
  • Gdi.
  • Omfg is that Tara?
  • I love her.
  • Okay Arlene looks exactly like I expected.
  • They do portray the mind-reading thing nicely. It overlaps what they’re actually saying some, which is cool and feels more realistic. As realistic as mind-reading can be, I guess.
  • Lafayette.
  • I’m glad he’s getting screen time because he got cheated in the books.
  • Same, Sookie. Same.
  • Death by sex. Okay. Sure.
  • Same, dude whose name hasn’t been said yet. Same.
  • Wait, is that Jason?
  • That seems like Jason honestly.
  • Oh for god’s sake IS THAT BILL.
  • COME ON.
  • Also this scene is so stupid, what is that music.
  • That sex tape is just weird.
  • I mean I know the concept itself is weird but urg.
  • Gdi we don’t even know who these two are go back to Sookie.
  • I mean I bet it’s Jason but still.
  • You know, I distinctly remember Bill being glad he shaved the morning he was turned. Did I make that memory up?
  • Is it just me or is some of this just plain awkward.
  • Was it this awkward in the books?
  • “That’s fucked up.” “Ya think?” Best lines so far.
  • He looks a lot younger than I expected.
  • But I forget how old he is right now.
  • Tara is best. Those expressions.
  • I see that Charlaine Harris book.
  • TINA D:
  • BBY
  • Was Bill supposed to be this creepy.
  • He looks like a creepy psychopath hobo or something.
  • Oh she’s dreaming, isn’t she.
  • Yup.
  • God that was so CREEPY.
  • Omfg I have that bikini top.
  • Okay that was a perfect Sookie/Jason interaction. I enjoyed that a lot.
  • I like these scenes with the sister/brother combo the best, they feel the least weird.
  • I do hope we see more Sam/Tara interaction though, because that was hilarious.
  • Jason can you maybe just not be totally suspicious just a little?
  • Seeing things outside of just Sookie’s head is pretty interesting, ngl. I like it.
  • These weird ass scenes.
  • Stop it.
  • Hold on, she’s not supposed to be able to read Sam’s mind.
  • Did this come out before that was a thing?
  • Regardless, weird af scene.
  • Okay sorry.
  • We’re good.
  • This is fine.
  • Jesus christ Sam, what the hell.
  • Whoooooa there are we supposed to know about Sam’s feelings for Sookie this early? I honestly can’t remember.
  • What is happening.
  • Holy crap.
  • Oh.
  • Well that was an ending. Okay.

Overall Thoughts

So, that was kind of weird. I could see how it connected back to the books easily enough, but I’m pretty miffed about some of the changes they made. Not all of them though, but I have a feeling this won’t be the end of the changes to come. I liked a lot of it though, especially after having read the books first, so I’m interesting in continuing so I can see where it goes next. They picked a really good spot to end the first episode, too.

I’ll just have to get used to the weird scenes (and I’m not talking about the sex ones — though those were a little odd, too, but I guess that was just because of what was happening in addition to the sex), because they’re probably not going to stop.

Onto the next!



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